Food Photography

How much do you charge for food photography?

We charge a reasonable hourly fee.  We like to keep it simple and affordable.

What about licensing fees?  Will I own the photos?

Yes, you own the photos and can do whatever you like with them.

What happens at your photo-shoot ?

We take the pictures at your restaurant and in a location that has natural light.  Our average shoot time will be around 15 minutes per dish.  We choose the best photos of each dish (usually two to four shots), edit them and them save them to a disk for you.

So give me an estimated breakdown of how much it would be.

We have a minimum $500.00 fee.  This includes two hours of shooting time and processing.  We average about 15 minutes per dish so this is around eight dishes.  Additional shooting is $125.00 per hour and processing of $62.50 per shooting hour.  (We are usually able to process the photos in about half the time that it takes us to shoot them.)

What is processing?

Processing is what happens in the editing room to make your pictures look incredible.

How are you able to keep your fees so affordable?

We are able to keep our cost down because we are not utilizing studio space,  assistants, food stylists or special lighting.